Core Programs

All programming at Gary Comer College Prep Middle School is designed to align with the Noble pillars of: Scholarship, Discipline & Honor. 

At GCMS, we offer:

  • A rigorous core of Reading, English, Math, Science and Humanities for all scholars
  • A variety of clubs including Catamount Council, National Junior Honor Society, Debate, Running Mates, and more
  • Summer enrichment programs at the nation’s top colleges and universities including Brown, Duke, and Northwestern.
  • Extracurricular enrichment courses after school and on weekends include taekwondo, gardening, hip hop dance, fitness, digital storytelling, culinary arts, and Noble media
  • A variety of athletics, including basketball, volleyball, track, baseball, soccer, cheerleading, and flag football.

To help further the extent to which our scholars honor the community the Gary Comer College Prep Middle School campus offers:

  • A three year commitment to community service
  • Clubs and co-curricular activities that focus on bettering the community
  • Parent involvement during and after school
  • Career day and other programming designed to bring in the greater community.



Scholars at Gary Comer College Prep Middle School will participate in advisory for the entire three years of enrollment. Scholars remain in their advisory, with the same advisor, until graduation (unless retained).

Advisors are responsible for the following:

  • Regular communication with parents
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Academic planning and monitoring
  • College exposure
  • Character Education
  • Goal setting and tracking with advisees
  • Monitor readiness for school by checking for uniforms, assignment book, homework and supplies

After school programming

Gary Comer College Prep Middle School offers several programs after school to supplement the educational day of our scholars. 

Office Hours: From August through June after school our scholars can choose to attend office hours for individual teachers from 3:20-4:20pm. 

LaSalle: If a scholar does not complete their assigned homework and turn it in the day it is due, the scholar will receive LaSalle from their teacher and be required to attend that same day from 3:20-4:20pm. LaSalle was created and implemented to reinforce that the scholar’s day is not over until everything due has been completed.

Sports/Clubs: Gary Comer College Prep Middle School offers different sports from fall to winter to spring.  Practices, meetings, and/or games are often held after school and scholars must be in good academic standing to participate.  More information on Gary Comer College Prep Middle School’s sports programs can be found under the extracurricular activities tab.