Teaching at Gary Comer Middle School

“Serving as a founding teacher at Gary Comer Middle School was an amazing experience. I have grown more as a teacher and an educational leader in this school more than I would have anywhere else. It’s rewarding to serve on a staff where everyone is striving to reach the zenith of their potential to impact lasting change for our scholars."         - Trent Epley, Former Math Teacher and Current Principal

At Gary Comer College Prep Middle School (GCMS), we believe that given the right resources and learning environment, every scholar can succeed, regardless of circumstances.  It is our vision to develop our scholars into well-rounded and successful college graduates. Our teachers are the key to this success, and GCMS allows teachers the autonomy to do what they do best: teach.  Our strong culture reinforces a calm learning environment free of distractions and a focus on academics.  As GCMS continues to grow, we are constantly in search of the best teachers to educate our scholars.

What GCMS offers our teachers: