Why Choose Gary Comer Middle School

“Quite serious about my daughter's education, my search led us to Gary Comer College Prep Middle School. The experience has been quite unique - a delightful compilation of all that goes well in a school setting and her response to the new learning culture has been amazing. At GCMS, the bar is raised and [my daughter] rises."

Olandrian Glasper, GCMS Parent

Gary Comer College Prep Middle School is the only middle school campus of the highly successful Noble Network of Charter Schools in Chicago, IL.  We opened our doors in the fall of 2011 to a 6th grade class of 65 scholars. We have added one grade per year and now we are in our fourth year of existence. We currently educate 300 scholars in grades 6th through 8th.  The middle school is located at 1010 E. 72nd Street, door #4 on Dobson Street in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood.

The vision of Gary Comer College Prep Middle School is to “Develop Well-Rounded and Successful College Graduates With Exceptional Strength of Character”.  We have a community of teachers, families, and above all scholars, who are deeply committed to our vision and understand that it can only be realized through hard work. We are planting the seeds to one day open up the doors to their college of choice!

By attending GCMS and continuing on to a Noble Network High School, your scholar will experience 7 years of high quality academics and character building that will prepare them for a successful future.  We are 100% certain that each and every one of our scholars is capable of achieving high levels of academic success through hard work, grit and determination. The core of our success rests upon the pillars of scholarship, discipline, and honor.













Scholarship: Scholars at GCMS are expected to master a rigorous pre-college preparatory curriculum that prepares them for success at the high school and collegiate levels.  The structure of our school day allows for increased instruction time.  Scholars receive ten hours of English/Language Arts instruction and eight hours of Mathematics instruction per week. In alignment with a college prep focus, our curriculum for each subject is not only aligned to meet Illinois State Standards, but the curriculum for 7th and 8th grades is also aligned to meet the ACT developed College Readiness Standards.

Discipline: Scholars at GCMS are expected to develop a level of self-discipline that will enable them to be successful in all aspects of life.  There are behavioral expectations and scholars are held to the highest level of accountability.  Our focus on discipline allows our staff to maximize instructional time and ensure that scholars feel a sense of safety that allows them to focus on learning.

Honor: Scholars at GCMS are expected to become well-rounded individuals who discover their passion while learning the value of culture and contributing to the greater community. At GCMS, scholars have access to a wide variety of opportunities that develop the Noble Way of Honor. Throughout the school year, scholars take college exploration trips and participate in numerous community service projects. Through our partnership with the Gary Comer Youth Center, our scholars attend enrichment courses Monday-Thursday and participate in educational and cultural after school programing.  Through this collaboration we offer numerous enrichment courses such as African drumming, taekwondo, urban agriculture, modern dance, fitness, digital storytelling, culinary arts, and presentation skills.

It is our focus on hard work; scholar achievement, and success that has allowed GCMS to become the premier middle school in the city of Chicago.  It is this same focus and drive for continual improvement that will allow GCMS to realize our vision of developing well-rounded and successful college graduates.

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