1st Round of High School selections come out Friday!!

Resources to Help You Manage High School Results

High school results will be released on 3/30/18. Check out the new High School Selection page to learn how to manage your options.


High School Results Released on Friday, March 30, 2018

Round 1 high school results will be released on Friday, March 30, 2018. If the student applied online, results will be posted on their online GoCPS account. If they applied with a paper application, a notification letter will be sent to the primary address on their application via U.S. mail. In addition, an online GoCPS account has been opened for each paper applicant, and their results will be posted there as well. 

Families will have until April 13, 2018, to accept or decline offers. To view a full timeline of high school results notifications and processes, visit the GoCPS home page and view our updated Important Dates section.

View Detailed High School Offer Timeline


Understanding High School Results

GoCPS has a new page called High School Selection that was created to help you understand the processes behind high school selections and notifications. This page includes a series of videos and illustrated guides that will walk you through important topics like high school matching factors and program admissions processes. Take some time to review this content before you leave for Spring Break so you can start understanding your options.

View High School Selection Page


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